Why You Should Contest An Unfair Speeding Ticket

Were you unfairly issued a ticket because the law enforcement officer thought you were someone in a similar vehicle? If you are thinking about paying the fine and putting the situation to rest, you might want to hire a lawyer instead so you can get justice. Take a look at the article below to find out why hiring a lawyer to contest a speeding ticket is in your best interest over simply paying an unfair fine to get it over with.

Protect Yourself from Getting Too Many Points

You must understand that the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) has a point system in place that can affect your driving privileges when you accumulate too many of them. For instance, too many points can lead to you being mandated by a judge to go to driving school or face additional penalties. A lawyer will be able to do an investigation to find the driver that was near your vehicle when you were wrongfully issued a speeding ticket. He or she will find out if there were any cameras on the streetlights, as well as in nearby businesses in the area in which you were allegedly speeding. Video surveillance might show the real speeder on camera, along with his or her license plate information.

Avoid Getting Your License Suspended

Allowing an unfairly issued speeding ticket to slip by without fighting for justice can have an effect on your record in the future. Speeding is the type of traffic offense that can lead to your driver's license being suspended, or at worst, being revoked altogether. Every little point that is added to your record gets you closer to getting penalized with something more severe than having to pay a fine. Allowing a lawyer to assist with your fight for justice is not only worthy to avoid building an unfair history of speeding offenses, but it won't take long to fight it in court.

Keep a Decent Auto Insurance Premium

Being that speeding tickets can lead to your auto insurance premium going up, it makes it worthy to hire a lawyer when you are issued one that is unfair. You don't want to end up having to pay a high auto insurance premium and not being able to afford it if you live on a low income. Even if you don't have many traffic offenses on your driving record right now, you should treat an unfairly issued one as though it can lead to license suspension. Consult with a lawyer so you can get the unfair speeding offense off of your record as soon as possible.

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