Tips To Stay In Your Child’s Life If You Don’t Have Sole Custody

If you have recently gone through a divorce and you now either have joint or limited custody, you might be feeling a disconnect with your child. While divorce is an adjustment for everyone, it is important to maintain a bond with children even if you don't see them as often as you would like. Here are four tips to help stay in your child's life even if you don't see them every day.

1. Get up to Speed With Technology

If your kids are entering their teenage years, they might be well-versed in how to use social networking sites, smartphone messaging, and video chats. If you live far away, these types of resources can be a lifeline when it comes to communicating with kids. They might hate the phone, but might love emailing or texting with you. Try out different ways of connecting and communication before you give up on reaching out to your kids on a regular basis.

2. Plan Visits Well in Advance

If you don't see your child as much as you would like because of distance, get plans for your next visit on the books well ahead of time. If you can start planning things to do with kids in the future during your current trip, they will be thinking about you and be looking forward to future visits. Be sure to follow up on your plans so that your kids can trust you and aren't let down.

3. Keep Things Amicable With Your Ex

If your ex no longer want to punish you for past hurts, you can both focus on the needs of your children. This might even open up communication for more lenient visitation schedules. If you and your ex can see eye-to-eye on what is best for your children, they will be more apt to cooperate when it comes to visitation exceptions. This might include the kids staying over a few extra hours or switching nights because of activities or events.

4. Work to Gain Back Rights

Sometimes the courts and custody settlements get it wrong, or things have changed in your life. If you feel as though you are entitled to a more fair custody split with your child, you may want to reopen your custody arrangement and have this revisited for ratification. This can be a tough process, and if your ex isn't on board, this will open old wounds from your divorce. Seeing your kids is a priority, so working with a family law attorney on custody possibilities will be your first step.

Feeling a close connection with your kids is still possible even if you are in the next town or even state over from their other parent. You can still co-parent even if agreements keep you away from your children, as long as you stay positive and strive to stay connected to your kids at all costs. Contact a company like Garrett & Silvey Law Firm for more information.