Important Tips For Patenting Your New Software App

If you are an inventor and you have recently created a new type of software, it is essential that you protect your rights of ownership by filing the first application for patenting it as soon as possible. However, doing so can be a complicated process and many inventors have become very frustrated when attempting to patent their idea. Fortunately, the following advice will make filing a patent easier and may provide you with the necessary proof of ownership quicker than you expect.

Plan To Wait A Year Before Filing For A Full Patent One of the more common mistakes in recent years that budding software experts and inventors have made is filing for a patent too early. Since software needs to be available for no less than 12 months before filing for its patent, the inevitable refusal for the patent has caused innumerable delays. However, you can still protect your rights of ownership and creation by filing a provisional patent application.

A provisional patent application exists as a way to acknowledge the work that you have already put into your creation and gives you 12 months to verify that it will be successful. As long as you do not miss that 12 month anniversary of your provisional patent application, your ownership rights to the new creation will remain in effect. In addition, since it is less expensive to file for a provisional patent than it is for a full patent, your financial interests are also likely to be better served during the interim period.

Understand What You Are (And Are Not) Patenting

It is important to note that although your creation is tied to software, you are not actually patenting software. You are attempting to file a patent for at least one of the inventions contained within the software. If you have new software that you hope to establish ownership for, you should plan to file for a copyright on it.

A copyright is done in order to protect the original code of new software and can be done primarily online with the copyright office. Both provisional and permanent patents for apps are usually appropriate when a new idea has been created or a new invention can further improve the existing solution to a specific problem or concern.

In conclusion, today's fast paced electronic world means that new technical issues and problems occur for the first time on a regular basis. If you have devised new software that would help offset those concerns, it is a good idea for you to be aware of the information listed above to help you patent your creation as soon as possible.