Various Services Offered By Social Security Disability Lawyers

Social Security disability insurance services are various services offered by lawyers willing to assist you with getting your disability benefits. Some lawyers will only assist first-time claimants, while other lawyers will assist you with much more. The following services are par for the course with these lawyers, regardless of whether they offer you one service or all of them.

First-Time Claims 

More than half of all first-time claimants seeking to get Social Security disability benefits are refused. That percentage drops when you get a lawyer to help you file your claim. Your lawyer can also speed up the waiting process, which can be as long as six months before SSA (Social Security Administration) approves or denies your claim. If your claim is denied, and your lawyer only handles first-time claims, you will need to find another lawyer that handles appeals.


Appeals are another service that some SSD lawyers handle. If and when your first claim is denied, this lawyer can find out the exact reasons why and then file an appeal that includes the information and/or documents that SSA is looking for. Since the first appeals case is always examined by the same person that took your initial claim, you may need to file successive appeals to work your way up the ladder of those that decide whether or not your claim is valid. An SSD appeals lawyer will stay with you and help you with your case as long as you want to pursue it, or until you decide to give up.


Reconsideration is different from appeals. It is what happens when you have had benefits for a while, but SSA has sent you a letter stating that they are now reversing their decision. A lawyer can help you prove that you are still unable to work in the capacity that would define you as "no longer disabled." This is a separate form and a different hearing process from appeals.

Claiming Repayments

Another issue you might face for which an SSD benefits lawyer may provide services is reclaiming repayments. SSA can, at any time, claim that they overpaid you and that you need to pay them back the disability funds that they deem are "overpayments." 

Your lawyer can help you prove that you needed those funds for medical treatments and care, medications, and/or extenuating circumstances that could not be covered with less money. Then any money that the SSA has withheld from monthly checks has to be repaid to you if your lawyer wins the argument.