Been Diagnosed With A Terminal Illness? 2 Ways A Probate Attorney Can Help

If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness you need to take care of some things before you pass away. One of these things is to hire a probate attorney. This type of attorney can assist you in many ways, such as plan your estate and help the executor you have set up in your will. Below is more information about this so you can get started. This will help ease your stress, so you can enjoy the time you have left with your family and loved ones.

Plan Your Estate

Planning your estate will help protect your family. This is because an estate plan that has been carefully thought out will make sure your wishes are carried out to your loved ones. If you do not plan your estate, your family members will have to take care of these things for you after you pass. This can result in your family fighting and they may even go to court.

One part of estate planning is creating a will. You will specify in this will where all your assets go. This includes your home, land, antiques, and everything else that you own. You do have to be of sound mind when you sign a will, however. This way it would be difficult for someone to contest the will in court after you are gone. If you have minor children, the will also states who you want the guardian to be of your children.

Help Executor of Your Estate

The executor of your estate has many duties after you pass, and this can be stressful for them. For example, the executor must find your assets, as well as keep all the assets in good condition and safe until everything can be distributed according to the will.

The executor must find and contact all people you have listed in your will that will inherit property or money. This is because the money and property must go to the correct people. Another way the attorney can help the executor is to make sure the will is filed in the appropriate court.

The executor also has to cancel all open credit cards, notify banks, and if you are collecting Social Security benefits, the Social Security office has to be notified of your death.

These are just some of the ways a probate attorney can help you, as well as your family members. To learn much more contact a probate attorney in your area. They can sit down with you and explain to you how the process works.