Pursuing A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit After A Driver Committed Unsafe Lane Changes

Riding a motorcycle should be an exciting and freeing experience for the cyclist. But when driving, you cannot account for the behaviors of others. If another driver changed lanes in an unsafe way and caused an accident, you might be able to pursue a lawsuit against them.

Unsafe Lane Changes Cause Many Motorcycle Accidents

Unsafe lane changes are often considered one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. These occur when another driver juts into a lane with a cyclist in a way that puts the life of the cyclist at risk. Cutting off a motorcycle is just one example of unsafe lane changes.

In most cases, the person who made the unsafe lane change is the one who is liable for the accident. They behaved in a negligent way that caused the accident. Just as problematically, they are likely not experiencing the same kind of damages or injuries as the cyclist.

Why Motorcycle Crashes Are More Dangerous For The Cyclist

The troubling thing about motorcycle crashes is that they are typically more damaging to the cyclist than the person driving the car who changed lanes improperly. A cyclist slamming into the back bumper of this car will likely experience severe personal injuries while the person in the car will only get a slightly damaged car.

That's why it is important to pursue this type of lawsuit and get the financial help that you need to overcome these issues. However, there is a good chance that even if you were injured more heavily, your actions may have contributed to the accident, meaning that you are at least partially liable for the crash and may get no money.

When Liability Could Lie On The Motorcyclist

Even though injury the cyclist may have been higher in this type of accident, there is a chance that they might have been liable for the crash. For example, if the cyclist committed the unsafe lane change that caused the accident, they will be considered liable. However, they may also be considered partially liable if they contributed to the crash in other ways.

For example, if the cyclist was driving over the speed limit when the other driver made an unsafe lane change, legal experts might claim that they were also negligent with their driving. In this situation, the damages may be negated or even denied. Unfortunately, this can leave an injured cyclist in a very tough financial situation.

That's why it is so important to talk to a motorcycle accident attorney about this type of problem. These professionals will take the time to assess what caused the injury and find a way to help you win this type of case and avoid serious financial and legal repercussions.