What Is Divorce Mediation And Why Do Couples Use It?

In any divorce situation, one of the steps a couple must take is to determine how to split everything, including their assets, debts, and kids. While this can be hard to do, you might find that it is easier to make these decisions if you use divorce mediation. Here is an explanation of what divorce mediation is and why a lot of couples use it for their divorce.

What it is

Mediation is a process couples use as a way to settle the issues of the divorce in a way that is amicable and beneficial for both parties. To use mediation, a couple must agree on a mediator to use. A mediator is simply a person you hire to help with the process, and this person is unbiased and knowledgeable in divorce law. The mediator helps you work through all the issues of your divorce and helps you reach agreements. The purpose of this is to avoid contested divorces and long, drawn-out situations where the court is given the responsibility to make decisions.

Reasons people use it

There are several reasons people turn to mediation when they are ready for a divorce, and one of the reasons is to save money. If you and your spouse can agree on all the issues of the divorce settlement together, you will be able to settle the case sooner, and this will help both of you save money. The second reason couples use mediation is to avoid having a contested divorce. In a contested divorce, a couple is unable to make their own decisions. This leaves the court responsible for dividing assets and more. People also use this option because it generally offers a beneficial settlement for both spouses.

One other reason couples use mediation is that it offers a less-stressful way to get divorced. Meeting with a mediator and your spouse for a meeting may be slightly stressful, but it will not be as bad as other methods for divorce can be. The only thing you should realize is that it will take both spouses being compassionate, patient, kind, and understanding for this method of divorce to work.

Ways to learn more

If you are interested in settling your divorce in this way, you may want to read more blogs about mediation and join a divorce support group. Another way to learn more is by talking to a divorce mediator or family law attorney in your city.