Driver Negligence: 3 Behaviors That Cause Fatal Auto Collisions And How A Lawyer Can Help

Some car crashes are purely accidental, and drivers can do very little to control them. However, some happen because of drivers' negligence. They fail to act with reasonable care, injuring innocent pedestrians and motorists. Victims injured in such accidents can sue the negligent driver. A successful claim can enable them to get a settlement for injuries, lost wages, and property damage, amongst other payments. However, proving negligence can be complicated, making it essential to hire a professional car accident lawyer to help victims get justice. That said, here are negligent behaviors that cause fatal vehicle accidents.

Driving While Intoxicated

Intoxicated drivers have a temporary mental impairment that affects their ability to drive safely. They are unable to control speed, brakes, and steer the vehicle efficiently. That is why they take time to control their vehicles when they notice an object, a car, or a person in front of their automobiles. Motorists driving under the influence also face challenges maneuvering their vehicles on wet roads. As a result, their cars veer off the road, hitting roadside structures. Some vehicles also overturn, causing severe injuries.

Driving Above the Recommended Speed Limit

Speeding is one of the main causes of car crashes, regardless of the numerous warning signs on the road guiding drivers on the maximum speeds they should observe. When speeding, drivers are at a higher risk of injuring themselves and other road users because there is a higher chance of losing control of their vehicle. Besides, there is less time to press the brakes when they notice a danger ahead. Above all, over-speeding reduces the effectiveness of airbags, safety bags, safety belts, and other protective features that protect drivers when an accident happens.

Distraction on the Road

An accident can happen within a fraction of a second. Therefore, all drivers need to be vigilant when driving because another motorist's mistake can lead to a fatal accident and severe injuries. Besides, a pedestrian might appear suddenly in front of their vehicles. In this case, they will have time to push the brake pedals or change lanes to avoid causing accidents. Unfortunately, some motorists are not attentive when driving. Instead, they try multitasking, losing concentration and control of their vehicles.

For example, they try to reach out for something, taking their hands off the steering wheel. Others look outside their vehicles when there is a visual distraction, drawing their eyes off the road. Finally, some motorists engage in activities that get their minds off the road, compromising their task of safe driving.

Contact a professional car accident attorney if you sustain injuries in an accident caused by any of the negligent behaviors above. They will help you identify the liable party, value your claim, and get an acceptable payment for your damages.