Life After A Motorcycle Accident: How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Help You?

People ride motorcycles for many reasons, such as a desire for adventure or simply as a way to get great gas mileage. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating. Motorcyclists, unlike car drivers, do not have the bulk of an automobile to protect them. 

After a motorcycle accident, you may be scared, confused, and in pain. If you were not at fault for your motorcycle accident, an attorney can help you recoup your costs in motorcycle repairs and medical bills by bringing a personal injury suit against the responsible party. These are four ways a personal injury attorney can help you after you experience a motorcycle accident: 

1. Determine who is liable.

The first thing a personal injury attorney will help you do is to determine who is liable for your motorcycle accident. Often, the other driver involved in your collision will be the liable party. However, liability doesn't necessarily start and end there. Other drivers and even pedestrians on the road who were displaying dangerous behaviors that contributed to the accident may also be liable. Your local government can even be liable if improper maintenance of the roads was a contributing factor in your motorcycle accident. 

2. Establish negligence.

In order to establish liability, negligence must also be present. A person who is negligent has failed in their responsibility to conduct themselves in a way that will not bring harm to others. Someone who was speeding, driving while impaired, or otherwise driving recklessly can be found negligent. Your account of the events leading up to your accident and the accounts of witnesses can help to establish negligence, which is why your lawyer can help you write down everything that happened as soon as possible to avoid missing key details.

3. Gather evidence for your case.

Evidence is necessary to prove liability and negligence. In addition to witness reports, photos of the accident can also serve as evidence. Expert testimonies, such as those of your doctors, can also be submitted as evidence. Submitting your medical records and the testimony of your doctors can help you show that you were negatively affected by the accident you experienced. In the event that you win your case, your physical and mental suffering will be taken into account to determine how much financial compensation you are entitled to.

4. Settle or go to court.

Your personal injury attorney will most likely try to settle your motorcycle accident case outside of court. Reaching a settlement can help you save time and court costs and is usually the best option. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, your personal injury attorney will take your case to trial and argue it in front of a judge.

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