What To Do If Your Long Term Disability Claim Is Denied

Long term disability insurance is there to provide for you financially in the event that you are no longer able to work. Many people take out this insurance coverage through their jobs and it is often very affordable protection that can really be there when you need it. If you have been paying for the insurance for some time and happen to become injured, it would seem that there should be no problem cashing in on your benefits. Read More 

Get Your Nonprofit on the Right Track with Startup Services

When you have the passion to start a nonprofit but you aren't sure where to begin, nonprofit startup services can provide you with the guidance you need to set up your nonprofit correctly. From obtaining a TIN number to filing your paperwork with the Secretary of State, there is plenty to do when it comes to starting a nonprofit. While your desire to help and create the nonprofit may be great, the details of setting up a nonprofit correctly can be cumbersome. Read More 

A Win In Court: How Much Can You Expect?

Personal injury cases that end going to court are different than settlements in several ways. The most striking difference for victims might be the monetary damage award decided upon by the jury. Taking a case to court doesn't just cost more in legal fees and time spent, but the amount you end up with is influenced by different factors than that of a settlement. Read on to find out about the key factors that determine how much you will walk away with after a court judgment. Read More 

Why a Court May Order Support for an Adult Child

Ordinarily, child support ends when a child becomes an adult because the court presumes that the adult child will take care of themselves. However, there are many situations in which an adult child is unable to take care of themselves, and thus the parent has to chip in. Here are some of those situations. The Child Is Disabled Some adults can't take care of themselves due to various disabilities. A paralyzed child, a child with a severe mental illness, or a child with a chronic medical condition, may require their parent's financial assistance well into adulthood. Read More 

You’ve Been Hit By A Drunk Driver. Now What?

Seeking justice in the weeks following a drunk driving incident can feel frustrating. If you have suffered serious injuries, you'll likely want to discuss your case with someone who provides drunk driving injury attorney services. You also probably want to know what the process is like, so let's take a look. Separating Criminal Charges from the Civil Law Issues The possibility of criminal charges being filed is ultimately up to the police and the prosecutor's office in the county where the accident happened. Read More