How A Family Lawyer Can Assist You With Getting A Child Support Increase

Do you need an increase in child support for your children but the other parent refuses to do it? You may be able to go to court to get the increase you need if you hire a lawyer. In this article, find out how a family lawyer can help you convince the court that you deserve more child support.

How Can a Lawyer Assist With Getting a Child Support Increase?

You must understand that you can't simply request a raise in child support just because you want it. If the other party is paying court ordered child support, he or she is already paying the amount seen as sufficient by the court. However, if you know that the other party has been hired for a higher paying job since the last child support hearing, you may be able to get more money.

A lawyer can help you get more child support by investigating the other party to find out how much income he or she is bringing home. The other party's living expenses will also be taken into consider before you can get more money. If the lawyer determines that you have a good case, he or she may try to solve the matter outside of court through mediation. The other party will have to agree to mediation for it to work, but mediation will not guarantee that he or she will agree to more child support.

During mediation, your lawyer can explain to the other party why you need more money. For instance, the lawyer can prove that you need the money for home repairs, school fees, transportation or anything else that can affect the well-being of the kids. If mediation is successful, you will be able to legally get higher child support payments.

Are Services From a Family Lawyer Affordable?

If your child support case is not too complicated, you can pay as little as an average of $90 per hour. However, the fees can also rise to an amount of $500 plus per hour if the case is complex. The hourly rate will come out of an upfront retainer fee that is at the discretion of the lawyer.

Children deserve an exceptional amount of financial support from both parents, even if one of the parents is out of the picture. If you are struggling to take care of your kid's daily needs, it is worth hiring a family lawyer to help you get an increase in child support.

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