3 Times When A DUI Lawyer Is Necessary

Are you trying to decide whether to spring for a lawyer in your upcoming DUI case? You don't always need a lawyer to represent you in a DUI trial, but there are certain cases where it can help a lot. Here are some situations where a DUI lawyer can make the difference in your trial. 

When You Were Near the Legal Limit

If you were near the legal limit of .08 BAC (blood alcohol content), then it's in your interest to get a lawyer. In cases where the blood alcohol limit is clearly well over the limit, you may not have much of a fighting chance, but when it's close, the judge will be looking more at other factors in your case. The courts understand that these chemical tests aren't a cut and dry indication of sobriety, and if you have a lawyer arguing for your case, you might be able to convince the judge that the test wasn't reliable. 

When There are No Other Witnesses

Other witnesses who testify that you were drunk, whether they were in your party or watching your drive on the road, can make your case come to an end quickly. But if it's just your word against the police officer's word, then you might stand a better chance of presenting your own side of the case. Let a third party speak on your behalf to present the facts in the best light possible. 

When You Want to Negotiate for a Lesser Offense

Another case for using a DUI lawyer is when you want to argue for a lesser offense, such as a reckless driving charge. These may not have the same severe consequences for your driving record and driver's license standing, provided that you don't have any past offenses. Another option would be to accept the DUI charges and negotiate for keeping a hardship license. For instance, if you have children that rely on your license to get to school, then you might be able to drive under limited circumstances. You'll definitely need a lawyer for any of these pleas. 

There are the cases where it's definitely in your best interest to seek out a DUI lawyer for your case. But if you can afford the extra help, a lawyer can be an added benefit in any DUI trial. It allows you to have an experienced person on your side to deal with any curveballs that could come up during the trial. With a DUI lawyer on your team, you could significantly reduce your chances of being convicted.