3 Things You Should Avoid To Protect Your Car Accident Case

If you don't know what to do immediately following a car accident, you can place the potential compensation for your injuries at risk. Here are a few things to avoid after a car accident if you want to protect a future personal injury case: 

Talking freely to insurance adjusters.

If an insurance adjuster quickly shows up at the scene of an accident, he or she is likely there because of the potential for a large payout. The adjuster is protecting the interest of the insurance company that employs him or her.

Often, an insurance adjuster will begin talking to an accident victim just after an accident occurs. At the time, the victim may be unaware that the adjuster is taking notes or even recording the information that is discussed with the victim. If the adjuster asks a simple question about how the victim is feeling, the victim's answer can promote or jeopardize a personal injury case. For instance, if the accident victim makes statements that suggest that he or she is doing well or feeling fine, the adjuster may use those statements against the victim during the settlement process. 

Refusing medical care if you think that you may be injured.

Sometimes, an accident victim may refuse care because he or she does not realize that his or her injuries are as extensive as they are. If you believe that you have been injured during the incident, it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

When an ambulance arrives on the scene, the emergency personnel can check your vital signs and determine whether or not your injuries are severe enough to require immediate medical care. If the emergency workers are not able to treat your injuries sufficiently onsite, you may be transported to a nearby hospital.

Keep in mind that the emergency workers and hospital personnel will be making notes concerning your condition. These notes will serve as a record of your injuries. Thus, if you refuse medical treatment even if you need it, the injuries that you claim may gender questions from the responsible insurance company.

Forgetting to take pictures.

If you have an operable cell phone handy, take pictures of the scene of the accident. These pictures can help substantiate your rendition of what occurred during the incident. Photographs of the damaged vehicles, their positioning on the road and any road obstructions can be helpful in the future.

As soon as you are able, schedule a consultation with car accident attorney (such as one from Carl L. Britt, Jr.). Many attorneys offer consultations free of charge.