Criminal Law, Its Subdivisions, And You: Do You Know What Kind Of Lawyer You Need?

Being charged with a crime is a rather complex thing in this country. Not all crimes are the same or equal in the eyes of the law, even though all crimes must be punished. If you are charged with a crime, do you know what criminal law firm to call? You might be surprised to learn that some firms only practice defense for white collar crimes, while others only defend people convicted of serious felonies. Understanding what kinds of criminal law cases a firm takes on is essential when choosing a lawyer that can defend you.

​Felonies of the Most Heinous Kind

​Lawyers that defend people charged with murder, sexual assault and rape, battery and physical abuse, and attempted murder -- or conspiracy to commit any of these crimes -- are defending people charged with heinous and violent felonies. If any of these are the crimes with which you have been charged, then you need a lawyer from a law firm that takes on these kinds of cases. Do your research, or have a family member do the research for you. 

White Collar Crimes

​White collar crimes include money laundering, embezzlement, and fraud; they also include pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Whether you were embroiled in these crimes knowingly, or you were roped in accidentally, you want a lawyer that is accustomed to defending CEOs and business employees of major companies, where these crimes are typically committed. 

DUIs/Traffic Law

​Depending on how many times you have been charged with a DUI, you may only be at the misdemeanor level. You could also be at the felony level if you have more than four DUIs already in some states. What you need is a traffic and DUI lawyer, whose primary focus is defending people with DUIs and getting their sentences lessened or tossed out completely. 

Drugs and Prostitution

​Drug and prostitution defenses are a whole other criminal law branch. It all depends on the drugs in particular, and the sex acts being performed as outlined by the laws in your state. If you were picked up on the street or on the corner and arrested, even though nothing could be proven beyond the fact that you were there and you were searched when the police arrested you, you may have a solid case against the police for stereotyping and illegal search. A court defender is a good choice, given your circumstances.

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