Preparing For A Child Custody Hearing

Going to a child custody hearing can be a very stressful experience. You might be worried that any mistakes you make could be used against you. However, if you speak to a child custody attorney before the hearing, you might have an easier time winning your case. 

Learn About the Child Custody Laws in Your State

Speak with your attorney about which child custody laws would be the most relevant to you. The more you understand about the laws, the easier it will be to make sense of your hearing. For example, you will want to know the type of documents you should bring to court. You may also need to bring proof of child support payments. Your time in court will be your only opportunity to prove your case and you will not be able to file an appeal. Your attorney will inform you of what documents are admissible. 

Ask Your Attorney About Courtroom Expectations

The courtroom has specific etiquette that you'll be expected to follow. If you do not follow the expected etiquette, they may not be as sympathetic toward you. For example, you will not want to make an accusation or engage in an emotional outburst. You may even want to practice with your attorney so you'll know how to behave. One way to make a good impression is to wear proper attire. If you dress professionally in formal and conservative clothing, you can send the message that you are a responsible adult. Also, try to speak clearly and properly.

A child custody hearing is not typically considered to be adversarial or combative. Your case will be presented before a judge and they will make a decision regarding it. You also have the right to appeal the decision.

Prove You're the Better Parent

When seeking custody of your child, you will need to prove that you're the better parent. What courts look for in a better parent can vary from state to state and you'll need help from a child custody attorney with this part.

The courts will be concerned about the physical and psychological well-being of your children. They will want to make sure that your children have a stable home life with a roof over their heads, have a consistent sleep schedule, are getting enough to eat, and are receiving everything they need in order to receive an adequate education. The more your attorney knows about your home life, the more they can prepare you for this event. For more information, check out this website,, or similar websites.