Tips For A Successful Bankruptcy

Whether you have decided to file for bankruptcy or you are still considering your options, it is important to understand that your actions leading up to the case can directly affect your chances of success. In fact, there are some common mistakes that people make in the face of a bankruptcy filing that can cost you the case. Here are a few tips that your bankruptcy lawyer wants you to consider before you file. 

Do Not Spend Any More

If you are considering a bankruptcy case, it is important that you mind your use of credit carefully. Do not open any new accounts or spend any more on the ones that you have. Doing so could be considered bankruptcy fraud because it may appear as though you entered into that debt with no intention of paying it off. If there is a remote chance that you could file for bankruptcy, avoid adding to your debts.

Not only should you avoid adding to your debts, but you should also avoid spending any large sums of cash. When you file for bankruptcy, your accounts may be subject to audit to assess your financial position. Any large sums of money spent before your filing could be seen as irresponsible when that money could've helped pay off your debts.

Do Not Play Favorites

If you have decided that bankruptcy is probably your best avenue, it's tempting to consider paying off any family members that you borrowed from beforehand. Doing so is viewed as playing favorites among your creditors and is frowned upon by bankruptcy courts. As soon as you start seriously considering bankruptcy, it is important to treat all of your creditors equally, including family members.

Do Not Skip Debts On Your List

When you begin the filing process, you must compile a list of all of your outstanding debts. You might find yourself wanting to leave an account off the case in the hopes of bringing it current and maintaining it. You cannot do this without the express permission of the court. Your bankruptcy attorney can help you understand which accounts might be protected, but otherwise, all of your debts must be included in the case.

These are just a few of the most important elements to consider if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy. Take the responsible path and avoid causing yourself further complications in court by treating all of your creditors equally, avoiding irresponsible spending, and including every relevant creditor in your filing. 

Contact a local bankruptcy attorney to learn more.