2 Ways A Divorce Lawyer Can Help If You Suspect Your Ex-Spouse Is Not Being Truthful About Marital Assets

After deciding that you and your spouse can no longer stay married, you may be in the process of gathering information and deciding what you want from the divorce. While reviewing documents and financial statements, you may feel that things do not add up and have started to suspect that your ex-spouse is hiding assets from you that were obtained while you were still together.

Because these assets are often considered marital property, everything is supposed to be declared during the divorce proceedings. If you feel that your ex-spouse is not being truthful about marital assets, there are a couple of ways a divorce lawyer can help confirm your suspicions and gather proof.

1. They Can Search for Documented Proof and Witness Statements That Your Ex-spouse Is Hiding Property or Money

One way that a lawyer can help you prove that your ex-spouse is hiding marital assets is by doing the legwork needed to gather documented proof of any property or money that has not been declared. They can also speak to possible witnesses that have seen them with a car you did not know about or use a bank account with money you never had knowledge of nor access to.

Once the attorney gathers enough proof, they will present their findings in court. The judge can then take these hidden assets into consideration when deciding on the division of property, and since your ex-spouse hid this information, may rule in your favor.

2. They Can Request and Review Financial Records to See If They Are Guilty of Wasteful Dissipation 

Another way that a lawyer can help you is that they can request and review financial records to see how much money your ex-spouse has been spending. They can then compare the numbers to previous spending habits to see if your ex-spouse is guilty of wasteful dissipation.

When guilty of wasteful dissipation, your ex-spouse is found purposely spending as much money as they possibly can to keep you from being able to get your fair share. If your lawyer is able to gather proof, the judge may rule based on the amount available in accounts before your ex-spouse started their spending spree and make them responsible for compensating you.

If you suspect that your ex-spouse is not being truthful and withholding information about assets obtained before you separated, an attorney can help you by searching for documentation and witnesses who can help prove that they are hiding property or money. They can also review financial records to see if your ex-spouse is guilty of wasteful dissipation by spending money before the divorce proceedings.

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