Preventing Child Contact With The Other Parent: Is It Possible?

Ideally, it is always best for children to have equal relationships with both parents after a divorce. However, there are often instances in which one parent may want to limit contact with the other parent. There are a variety of reasons why a parent may want to do this, such as whether it is due to the possibility of abuse or endangerment. Whatever the case may be, there are processes in place that can help you keep your children from having contact with the other parent. Read More 

4 Rights You Have When You Are Pulled Over By Police

It's scary to get pulled over by a police officer. As soon as you see those red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror, you get that funny feeling in your stomach – even if you haven't done anything wrong. It helps, though, if you know what your rights are during a traffic stop. Right #1: To Avoid Saying Anything That Could Incriminate You. The 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects you against self-incrimination. Read More 

Injured On The Job? 4 Worker’s Compensation Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you work in a manufacturing facility, warehouse, office, or grocery store, injuries on the job may occur. From a burn from a faulty machine or severe carpal tunnel syndrome to a slip and fall or accident on the forklift, the likeliness of a workplace injury is high. As a matter of fact, an estimated 4.1 million workers are injured or become ill each year on the job. These injuries can affect your physical health, but they can also lead to emotional distress and financial troubles. Read More 

Don’t Do These Things If You Are A Victim Of Hit And Run Accident

Being the victim of a hit and run accident can is frustrating, but you need to keep your cool so that you don't complicate your case. Here are three things you should never do in such a situation: Chasing the Other Driver Chains the other driver, either in anger or to identify them, is dangerous on more than one level. First, it will interfere with your ability to collect and preserve evidence. Read More 

Going Through A Divorce? Why You Definitely Need To Hire An Attorney

Divorcing from someone that you previously envisioned sharing a lifetime with can be a very difficult thing.  Along with the emotional aspect of the situation, you also have to contend with splitting up all of the things that you've worked to obtain together.  If you and your former mate are on relatively amicable terms, you may think that a lawyer is unnecessary.  You view it as an additional expense that you'll have to come up with. Read More