Criminal Law, Its Subdivisions, And You: Do You Know What Kind Of Lawyer You Need?

Being charged with a crime is a rather complex thing in this country. Not all crimes are the same or equal in the eyes of the law, even though all crimes must be punished. If you are charged with a crime, do you know what criminal law firm to call? You might be surprised to learn that some firms only practice defense for white collar crimes, while others only defend people convicted of serious felonies. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask When Determining If Someone Is Infringing On Your Product’s Trademark

After coming up with the perfect trademark for your products, you may have filed for federal trademark protection so that only you can use it. However, you may have discovered that a competing company is using a similar trademark for their products. Before you file a dispute, ask yourself the following questions. 1.  Is the Competing Company near Your Business's Location? The first thing you should ask yourself when trying to decide whether another business is infringing on your trademark is about their location. Read More 

Six Things You Need To Know About Working With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Many individuals who find themselves in the position of needing a workers' compensation attorney have never worked with an attorney before. They, therefore, might have some uncertainties about how things work and what might be expected of them in their case. The following are six things workers' compensation clients should know about working with an attorney before they get started with their claim. It's difficult to navigate the complexities of filing a claim without an attorney. Read More 

Pursuing A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit After A Driver Committed Unsafe Lane Changes

Riding a motorcycle should be an exciting and freeing experience for the cyclist. But when driving, you cannot account for the behaviors of others. If another driver changed lanes in an unsafe way and caused an accident, you might be able to pursue a lawsuit against them. Unsafe Lane Changes Cause Many Motorcycle Accidents Unsafe lane changes are often considered one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. These occur when another driver juts into a lane with a cyclist in a way that puts the life of the cyclist at risk. Read More 

Been Diagnosed With A Terminal Illness? 2 Ways A Probate Attorney Can Help

If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness you need to take care of some things before you pass away. One of these things is to hire a probate attorney. This type of attorney can assist you in many ways, such as plan your estate and help the executor you have set up in your will. Below is more information about this so you can get started. This will help ease your stress, so you can enjoy the time you have left with your family and loved ones. Read More