Suing After a Birth Injury: 3 Things That Must Be Established to Determine Negligence

When mothers head to the hospital to give birth and have an issue during delivery, they expect for the doctor that they are seeing to provide reasonable care to them. However, when a physician fails to provide a certain level of care, it can result in the serious injury – possibly even death – of the mother or the baby. Birth injuries come in many forms and sizes, and statistics show that six to eight of every 1,000 infants are injured during birth. Read More 

How To Remove Your Ex-Spouse’s Name From A Property Deed With A Quit Claim

If you are getting a divorce and acquired the house, you will need to remove your spouse's name from the title. This is often done using a quit claim deed, which means the ex-spouse forfeits all right to the property. The spouse who retains ownership, or grantor, commonly pays the grantee a valuable consideration in exchange for forfeiting their rights to the property. Here are some tips for removing spouses from house titles with quit claim deeds. Read More 

When You Suspect Medical Negligence: Proving Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Takes Perseverance

When you have been injured because of medical neglect, your case may be difficult to prove. The range of medical neglect is huge, from medication errors that cause a mild injury to errors in treatment that cause severe disability, proving medical neglect occurred is essential to winning your case.  Your Injury Must Be New If you already have a long history of treatment for your lower back, and you are claiming medical neglect because of a back injury, it is unlikely that you have a viable case on your hands. Read More 

Tax Preparation Points Every Freelancer Should Consider

Trading in the business suits, alarm clocks, and face-to-face bosses can sound attractive to anyone, even including people who love their regular nine-to-five jobs. However, the life of a freelancer does have its downfalls, and changes in how you do your taxes can definitely be one aspect of this life that you do not appreciate. If you have just recently traded in your past life of regular employment for a more relaxed and satisfying way to earn a living, you may be excited to see your business grow. Read More 

Get Help Setting Up Your 501©(3) Organization

If you are going to run a charity or non-profit, you need to make sure that you have it set up correctly. For that, you need to make sure that you are set up as a 501(c)(3) entity.  501(c)(3) The 501(c)(3) category is something set up by the IRS. It allows an entity to be tax-exempt. Among other things, this allows people who donate to your non-profit or charity to claim their donations as deductions on their taxes. Read More