Starting Over - Life After Bankruptcy

Can You Sue For Loss Of Opportunity And Prospects?

It's fairly common to sue for lost wages and income after being involved in a motorcycle accident. After all, that's money you would have earned had you not been too hurt to work. But is it possible to recover compensation for opportunities and prospects lost because of the accident? Yes, but convincing a judge or jury to do so may be challenging. Here's what you need to consider if you want to pursue a claim for lost opportunities. Read More 

How Tyrion Lannister’s Trial Can Make You Feel Better About Your Own

If you've watched Game of Thrones, you know that it'd be an understatement to say that George R. R. Martin's world is less than fair. If you've gotten into trouble with the law and are going to court, perhaps Tyrion Lannister's predicament can make you feel a little bit better about your own. He was Only Convicted on Circumstantial Evidence While Tyrion's first alleged crime had physical inculpatory evidence (e. Read More 

3 Things You Need to Keep in Mind If You’re Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

Having a condition that leaves you unable to work can be devastating, emotionally and financially. Filing for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a complex process. Unfortunately, many disability applicants are denied benefits when they first apply. The denial rate for when applicants first apply is around 65%. The good news is you have the ability to appeal your disability denial. Here are three things you need to keep in mind if you're denied social security disability benefits. Read More 

Specific Problems With Non-Spouse Beneficiaries For Retirement Benefits

Most people name their spouses as the beneficiaries to their retirement benefits. Since this is not a requirement, others also name non-spouse beneficiaries, but such arrangements are fraught with lots of pitfalls. Here are examples of complications that may arise for naming a non-spouse beneficiary to retirement benefits: Minor The major problem here is that the minor will not be allowed to take immediate charge of the funds. He or she has to wait until he or she becomes an adult (usually 18 years of age) to access them. Read More 

The 8 Vital Reasons To Hire An Estate Planning Attorney

Planning for the distribution of your estate is a task that many put off. It may be difficult to imagine that the need for proper estate planning is that important. Perhaps you feel that you have too few assets to bother with. Maybe you've seen the advertisements on television for the do-it-yourself will kits, and wonder if that's a good option. The time to plan for the fair and complete distribution of your assets is now, and the need for a qualified estate attorney should become clear to you after reading the following 8 reasons. Read More