Starting Over - Life After Bankruptcy

Four Ways To Save Money On Probate Costs

Probate can be a very lengthy and expensive process. Even if the deceased person has a will in place, it can still get pretty expensive with all the fees it is subjected to. Probate costs can vary depending on the state you are in, but generally you can expect to pay between 3% to 7% of the value of the estate. These costs can include, attorney fees, appraisal fees, court costs, and even tax preparation fees. Read More 

Important Tips For Patenting Your New Software App

If you are an inventor and you have recently created a new type of software, it is essential that you protect your rights of ownership by filing the first application for patenting it as soon as possible. However, doing so can be a complicated process and many inventors have become very frustrated when attempting to patent their idea. Fortunately, the following advice will make filing a patent easier and may provide you with the necessary proof of ownership quicker than you expect. Read More 

Four Reasons To Have Your Invention Patented

If you have invented something that you believe can make you money, the first thing you need to do is have it patented. This is a process in which the government will recognize that this new invention belongs to you. If anyone were to copy your invention, you will then have grounds to bring a legal action against them. There are benefits to having a patent, and the following are four of the most important. Read More 

Tips To Stay In Your Child’s Life If You Don’t Have Sole Custody

If you have recently gone through a divorce and you now either have joint or limited custody, you might be feeling a disconnect with your child. While divorce is an adjustment for everyone, it is important to maintain a bond with children even if you don't see them as often as you would like. Here are four tips to help stay in your child's life even if you don't see them every day. Read More 

Ignition Interlock Devices: Should You Have One?

Many people who get an ignition interlock device (IID) are required to do so by law, either because they have been found guilty of a DUI or are in the process of fighting such a charge. Other people may consider having one installed to prevent driving while intoxicated. All drivers should investigate whether this device will be best for their particular situation. DUI Arrest Most states now allow judges to impose an IID installation when you are arrested for your first DUI offense. Read More